RS485 IO


The ExpertDAQ Feldbus RS485 Remote IO Modules have been developed to digitize a wide range of sensors signals and to control different actuators. The signals can be recorded with minimum interference if they are digitized near enough from the source. Up to 256 modules can be easily operated with a standard RS485 Network. Without a repeater the maximum cable length is 1200m per connection, with a RS485 repeater this distance may de expanded many times. Every ExpertDAQ Feldbus RS485 Remote IO Module has a Microcontroller, an EEPROM for the saving of the configuration and a RS485 interface. Each module also has a programmable baud rate.

In TOPSCCC you can find the complete line of Feldbus RS485 Remote IO Modules, from analog IO through digital IO to Relay and Counter Modules. The ExpertDAQ Feldbus RS 485 Remote IO Modules are connected via RS485 and can be optionally delivered with Modbus RTU. Feldbus RS 485 Remote IO Modules are robust, energy saving and easy to operate.

If you do not have any experience with Feldbus RS485 Remote IO Modules get in touch with us. We will show you how easy it is to work with it. They can be operated with Labview or SCADA. Just ask any of the professional advisors of our customer service, they will be pleased to give you the information you need.

  • changeable baudrate
  • extended temperature range
  • power supply 10-30V
  • Hard- and Software Watchdog